Juniata County Prevention Board

Mission Statement:
Strengthening and sustaining Juniata County to be safe, healthy and informed, by reducing risk factors.

Vision Statement:
Our Vision is for Juniata County to be a safe and strong community.

Our Key Leaders

Alice Gray

Juniata County Commissioner

Michael Hannon

Juniata Valley Drug and Alcohol Abuse Commission

Christie Holderman

Juniata County School District

Melissa Stewart

Mifflin Juniata Human Services

Michelle Beaver

Juniata County Probation

Cory Snook

Juniata County District Attorney

Karin Knode

Director TIU Community Education and Workforce Services

Juniata County Prevention Board Members

  • Robin White – MJ Human Services

  • Tori Kenepp – MJ Human Services

  • Denise Shugarts – TIU 11

  • Jennifer Conaway – JC Early Childhood Development

  • Colette Hartzler – MJ United Way

  • Kenda Haas – MJ United Way

  • Martha Leister – Tri County Drug and Alcohol

  • Abby Krepps – JC Probation and Parole

  • Shelby Liebegott – TIU 11

  • Chloe Rougeau – Tri County Drug and Alcohol

  • Hunter Hepner – JC CYS

  • Lyndie Sipes – Clear Concepts Counseling

  • Jocinda Rhiner – JC Library

  • Glenda Fultz – JC Food Pantry

  • Karen Leister – Lions Den

  • Lynette Reinford – Juniata County Clearinghouse

  • Aleiha Rapp – Helping Hands of Juniata County

  • Tanner Zimmerman – Zimmerman Truck Lines

  • Chelsea Boyer – Community Member

  • Clint Mitchell – JC School District

  • Ben Fausey – JC School District

  • Liz Sperlich – JC School District

  • Rachael Loy – JC School District

  • Brook Vinyard – JC School District

  • Brenna Goulstone – JC School District

Juniata County Prevention Board Project Director:  Robin White

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Mifflin County Courthouse, 20 North Wayne Street, Lewistown PA  17044

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